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Slingin' Pizza
We all know 2020 was a crazy year, I think it’s safe to say that we currently live in a time where people that have never in their lives struggled for a meal now are and people that were struggling already….are struggling worse than ever.

The Slingin’ Pizza Family would like to try and reach these people with your help!


We have created a #SlingItForward Specific Menu with meals that range in sizes for just one person or a whole family. The Slingin’ Pizza Family has covered half of the check and ask that you partner with us and #SlingItForward by paying the other half!


Come join the #SlingItForward Movement and help us get food to people that are having a hard time right now!


How ItWorks

When you come in to Slingin’ Pizza you can ask to see the #SlingItForward Specific Menu.

Let the cashier know what meal you want to partner with us on, well ring you out and give you a #SlingItForward Meal Voucher to tape on the #SlingItForward board in the lobby.


Someone in need of a meal can come in and exchange that #SlingItForward Meal Voucher for the meal you chose!

The only thing we ask of that person is that they in turn #SlingItForward to someone else and keep the kindness flowing!!

It’s that simple to #SlingItForward


Note: The only cards that can be exchanged for a meal are our #SlingItForward Meal Vouchers and have it clearly stated on them and all exchanges of them take place fully on Slingin' Pizza Property. If you are out and about and someone does something awesome for you, then gives you a #SlingItForward bracelet or card, that means its your turn to keep the kindness going and #SlingItForward  by doing something awesome for someone else!

Limit one per day.

Share your Awesome #SlingItForward Story!

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