My fiancé Preston and I (Audrey) opened Slingin’ Pizza in Laguna Park Texas mid 2019. I have been working in pizza for almost 15 years now. It is beyond fun meeting the people you meet. Preston has been working in pizza for just a few years, but quickly jumped in and switched careers when he realized I wasn’t kidding about opening a pizza shop. ;) I have worked in every type of shop from mom and pop shops to the worlds largest pizza company. I knew my life goal very quickly was to open my own shop. A different kind of shop that was there to of course serve the best quality pizza we possibly can, but we aren’t here just to serve pizza, we are here to serve kindness and a loving atmosphere to any and all that walk through our doors. That is what Slingin’ Pizza is...that is who we are! We are here for you! Come join the Slingin’ Pizza Family! We look forward to filling your belly’s for years to come!!